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Pando Global Alliances

Help your customers realize dormant value in their supply chains.

Supply chains across the world are looking to build agility and resilience into their DNA while focusing on continuous value creation. The Pando enterprise platform with its integrated and modular TMS and WMS capabilities delivers 10x value, by empowering customers to manage logistic operations remotely, with agility, speed and precision in decision making. As a Pando partner, you will be empowered with cutting-edge technology for logistics planning and execution, to unearth and capture dormant value in your customers' supply chains.

Pando partner ecosystem

For resellers and value-added resellers (VARs) that refer, resell, implement, and support customers for value creation
For consultancy firms or systems integrators (SIs) that provide strategic business consulting, system design, solution integration, project implementation and support for the Pando platform

For partners such as independent software vendors (ISVs), OEMs and application developers that build solutions on top of, or integrate with, the Pando platform

Benefits to
Pando Partners

Supply chain platform

Gain incremental revenue opportunities based on complementary offerings.

transportation management companies

Deepen relationships with existing customers through strategic positioning in digital supply chain capabilities

Supply chain platform

Participate in Pando's marketing campaigns and programs to improve awareness and recall within target audience.

transportation management companies

Leverage sales enablement and co-sales support for quick closures.

Supply chain platform

Differentiate from the competition with Pando's end-to-end SCM and Logistics solutions.

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