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Generate, reconcile and
settle freight invoices

Unique 4-way matching of invoices to
ensure minimum manual intervention and
need for reconciliation

Digital Invoicing

Post Legally compliant digital invoice with
auto approval workflows for invoices matching
system generated values

Freight Provisioning

Provision freight liability by

Supply chain platform

The most granular freight cost tracking to identify the actual landing cost of the product at the
retailer’s shelves/installation site

transportation management companies
Business Unit

Allocate budgets at BU level and review on periodic basis

best transportation management systems
Cost Centre

Support P&L
accounting for legal
entity separation
across geographies

Software for transport management system
Movement Type

Benchmark your freight costs to peers in the industry and take strategic
data-backed decisions

Digital Dispute

Define workflows to manage exceptions,
disputes and reconcile freight bills across
multiple stakeholders

Dynamic Discounting

Leverage Intelligent algorithms that can
calculate invoice level discounts based
on factors like vendor's performance
and demand - supply data of specific