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1 Dec 2020

Building the worlds largest networked transportation management system

Pando’s network-powered transportation management system for enterprises enables you to digitalize, automate and scale your fragmented, multi-tiered logistics operations.

  Pando’s mission
11 Dec 2020 10 Nov 2020

Supply chain is a data problem

Pando’s mission is to make moving freight across multiple legs, modes and geography simple, transparent and cost-effective through data-driven decision making.

 Value delivery
11 Dec 2020

How Pando delivers value for its customers

Pando delivers value in weeks compared to months or years for digital transformation programs of this scale and complexity

 Customer testimonials
8 Nov 2018

Britannia on Pando

Ashok Kumar, Director - supply chain and Harish Navarathna head of corporate IT at Britannia Industries Limited, talk about how Pando is driving efficiencies, productivity, and customer centricity in their 100 million USD supply-chain, and the value of a single end-to-end platform to reducing transaction costs and time.

 Customer testimonials
8 Nov 2018

Godrej on Pando

Sreekanth Vanchishwaran, VP at Godrej Consumer Products Limited, talks about the value of a single end-to-end platform being a game changer, ensuring service level adherence to satisfy ever-evolving customer expectations, while reducing transaction costs and time.

 Omnichannel demand fulfillment
17 Nov 2020

Driving a seamless delivery experience to consumers

An all-in-one network powered transportation automation platform can help enterprises improve service reliability and speed while constantly optimizing for cost in an omnichannel environment.

 Planning and execution
17 Nov 2020

Why planning and execution needs to be tightly coupled

Pando works best in an integrated environment to ensure closed-loop planning and execution across the supply chain. costs and time.

 Life at Pando
11 Dec 2020

Embracing the Pando life

Life at Pando is all about learning, reinventing yourself every day and creating an impact, while having fun doing it.

 Work with us
11 Dec 2020

Why you should consider working with us

If you have a sense of ownership and the desire to create an Impact, Pando will empower you to learn, grow and lead.